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Monday, March 10, 2008

Vote Postponed Until April Board Meeting!

One of the Board Members had to leave early due to health reasons, so the issue could not be voted on tonight! The good news is that the Board Members and Superintendent Carter had positive things to say about the plan, so I am sure that it will pass next month!!!
I want to thank everyone who e-mailed the Board Members with your input! I am happy that they know that the community is very supportive of this plan!!
The next meeting will be in April, and I will update this site with the outcome of the vote!!!

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1 comment:

passatdoc said...

I attended (and spoke at) the meeting. Gail did a wonderful job and comported herself nobly during her time at the podium.

All six trustees present appeared to support the idea. The normal procedure for any proposal is to have a "first reading", when the board discusses the issue. Then the public has a month to submit feedback, and finally the trustees vote on the issue at the meeting the following month.

The trustees have the right to waive the first reading and vote directly on an issue, without one one month wait, and appeared ready to do so last night. However, all seven trustees must be present for this to happen. As Gail mentioned, one trustee left in the middle of the meeting (due to apparent illness), and the six remaining trustees could not legally waive the first reading and proceed to a direct vote.

So the proposal is coming through the normal channels and hopefully will be approved at the next meeting in April.

Jim Sperber
San Juan Capistrano, CA