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Friday, February 29, 2008

AED'S (Automated External Defibrillators) at CUSD Schools!

On March 10, 2008, the Capistrano Unified School Board will vote on implementing a plan which will allow our schools to have AED'S on campus and sporting events! Each school will decide for themselves if they want the devices, and will need to raise their own funds to obtain the AED's. The Myers family fully endorses this plan to protect our kids and are asking for your help! It is a terrific first step!! We don't know if an AED would have helped Megan, but we would have liked to try!! Please e-mail HWheeler@capousd.org , who is the Manager of Board Operations, and let her know that you support the use of AED's at CUSD schools!! She will make sure that the Board Members receive each e-mail! Below is a website which gives more information on AED's.
Please e-mail me at gailmy@cox.net if you have any questions or comments! Thank you for your support!!!
Click on the links below to learn more about AED's!!

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Jackie #9 said...

hello myers.

this is a great idea to have the machines at our schools! i will send the lady an e-mail. I love you all!