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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Special Day, for A Special Cause, because of a Very Special Girl

Here is a photo of Megan and Sophia. Megs used to babysit Sophia. Check out Kerry's photos below and see how much she has grown up!
The Run 4 Megan was a huge success!! There were lots of smiling faces who came out to celebrate Megan and help to continue with her legacy!! We raised $12,000!! Wow! Thank you everyone for all of your support and kind thoughts! It was great to see you out there!

Here are some photos:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Run 4 Megan - Register the Day of the Event 10/11/2009

T-shirt art designed by our friend Stew, at http://www.goetzdesign.net/

Updated 10/03/2009
Ready, set, go!!! It is time for the 3rd Annual Run for Megan!!! Register on Race Day for this 5k Run/Walk, non competitive event for everyone. Mark your calendars. The date is Sunday, October 11, 2009, at 11am, at Dana Hills High School!!! Please note the venue change from last year!! This years course is the same one used for the famous Dana Hills Cross Country Invitational and is a scenic trip around Dana Hills High School! The terrain will be some grass, but mostly asphalt and concrete. Print out the registration form from the sidebar. E-mail me at gailmy@cox.net if you have questions.
Race day registration is also available and T-Shirts will be available on a first come first serve basis.

All proceeds benefit the Megan Myers Memorial Fund, a non profit fund, which promotes safety and education for our community kids!!
If you would like to donate, but can't make it to the Run/Walk, please send donations to: Megan Myers Memorial Fund, 32545B Golden Lantern #123, Dana Point, CA 92629. Thank you for your continued support!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We found the IPOD!!!

I was always hoping to have some magical story about where we ended up finding the IPod. (See the posting on July 30, 2008). Like maybe it would be attached to a note written by Megan telling us that she is okay, in heaven and happy as can be! Jeff found the IPod in a box in his closet which contained items taken from his office desk which was cleaned out in 10/08. He is sure that it wasn't in there at that time. So we can only speculate how it got there! Maybe that is the magical part of the story!!!

We are still in the planning stages of the Run 4 Megan and should know more soon. There will be construction in the LN Regional Park starting in Sept. which could affect our run. The race director is trying to figure out the changes and will get back to me when he knows something!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Congratulations to Serena Lomonico and Tyler Valdes, this year's recipients of the Megan Myers Memorial Scholarship!! Serena will be attending UCLA in the fall and Tyler will be attending Stanford!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

More photos of Megan!!!


Check out these photos which were sent to me by Megan's friend, Alissa! They are from an End of 8th Grade beach party, and from the 8th Grade Dance, taken in June, 2007. I am ALWAYS so thrilled to get photos of Megan, no matter when or where they were taken!!! I especially love the recent ones, which remind me of the happy Megster who was so ready to take life on!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a Puppy!!

Meet Riley!! She is a new addition to our family!! What does this have to do with Megan and her website, you might be asking?!?
Well Megan always wanted a dog!! And I always said "No"! And for her friends out there who are wondering why we waited until now to get one, all I can say is "I know, I know, I know, I know!" We had a full house and full hearts, and I just couldn't imagine adding anything else to the mix.
Madison did her homework and found a hypoallergenic breed, Wheaten Terrier, the rest is history. She has been here for only a couple of days and we are so thrilled to get to know her. She is 100% puppy. She naps, she plays, she naps, she eats, you know the rest!! It's all good. We are working on the nighttime sleeping, but in the meantime, I bought a family size pack of earplugs!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Forever 14!!!

Happy Birthday to you, Megan! Today, Megs would have been 16 years old. Today, Megan would have gone to the DMV and passed the test with flying colors and she would have had her drivers license. It is hard to celebrate something that never happened. All we can do is celebrate the life that she did have, remember her, and imagine what would have been.

A couple of years ago when Matt got his drivers permit, Matt and Meg had a discussion about how they would both have to share the car when Megan followed Matt and turned 16. They got into specifics about who would take it on what days, and once when the discussion got heated, I told them to cool it because it was a long way off and things change, you never know what might happen. Of course, at the time, I was thinking more in terms of maybe getting a second car, not the fact that Meg's wouldn't be here. Matt reminded me of that conversation after Megan died, and it is just so true that we never know what will happen next. We hope that we do, we hope that we have some control, and that the hopes and dreams that we have for our life, and our kids lives, will become a reality. And luckily most of the time they do. But for those times when life takes a sharp left turn, you really can't help but ask "what happened", knowing that one of the hardest parts is that there is no answer.

Here is a link to some "new" photos provided by Denene Carmen. She found these on her camera!! What a great gift to have them. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

18 Months today.

Ugh. How did so much time go on? How does the Megster not know about everything that has gone on over the past 18 months. She is not here to enjoy the new boat slip, or a smoothie at Jamba Juice. She isn't here to see her brother get his license, or her sisters new cool scooter. She is not here to meet all the new friends that her brother and sister have, or to hear how her own friends are doing. She isn't here to experience Megan's Grove, or to participate in the NCAA pool, which she won two years ago!! She isn't here to tell me where she put the IPod!! So much has gone on in the last 18 months. Time is now measured as of 9/26/2007, or before that. I just wish that she was here to enjoy everything that has gone on in the past 18 months. I know that she would have had a great time. (I do believe that she is here in spirit, but it is not the same!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Click on the photo and check out the girl's faces. It is pretty funny! You can tell I am ready for summer since every photo lately we are in our
bathing suits!!!

This blog was originally set up by my neighbor extraordinaire, Todd P., who helped us out so much by putting together the video for Meg's Memorial Service (with lots of help from Tony and Kerry) and starting this site, so that everyone was updated with plans regarding the memorial, as well as a place that we could share our memories of the Megs. Last year, it became a good outlet for me to find photos of Meg and post them and write something about her. It was kind of healing, and I felt that somehow I was still taking care of things for her. In the middle of last year, when the AED issue came up, I used the site to post information regarding the progress we were making on getting the devices into schools. My family felt that it was better if we just used the site to remember Megan, instead of using it to push a "cause". (At last count, the Megan Myers Memorial Fund and its generous donors have donated, or are in the process of donating, 18 AED's to local schools and sports organizations!! Many more have been given to local schools by individual donors, as well) In addition, we awarded 3 college scholarships and will give out 2 more in June.

As time is going on, I still have so many wonderful memories, but I am finding it harder to write them down. I wish that I had new, recent memories, but I don't. I guess what I am trying to say is that I don't update the blog as much anymore, because I don't have as much to say.
I guess I could write about how everything has changed, or about the ever present mental gymnastics that goes on which tries to make sense of everything, or that life is not as sweet as it used to be. But I won't.
Maybe I could write that although things have changed, we are carrying on, and that the changes are becoming so familiar that a sense of normalcy is setting in. I can say that the mental gymnastics tends to take a back seat to a busy schedule, which is a nice break. I can say that although life isn't as sweet as it used to be, it IS still sweet and seeing Matt and Madison continue to grow into wonderful, kind hearted souls, is as good as it gets!!!
So this month we look forward to Madison's 10th birthday, Jeff's ##th birthday, and Valentines day. Then we look into March, when Megan would have been 16. I am sure that I will have more thoughts about that as it approaches.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a great holiday!! We just got back to Dana Point from a long overdue vacation to Maui!! This is a photo taken in front of my dad's condo in Makena. He has a beautiful place which overlooks Molokini and we sat on his lanai and just watched the whales swim by. It was pretty spectacular. We were there over New Years and ended up taking our annual New Years photo on the beach, instead of what we thought would be our new tradition of taking the photo at Megans Grove.
The weather was warm and mostly sunny! This was our first big vacation taken together without the Megster. I took Megan alone to Hawaii in 2003 and we had a blast together. It was like girls week out! I am so happy that I did that and she loved it!!!
So now we are back to reality, which seems a little harder to get into this time around. I didn't dive into doing the laundry, and going to the store like I would have in the past!!! But I am happy that the holidays are over (I know, I sound like Scrouge), the days are getting longer and that it was 80+ degrees in Dana Point today!!!