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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Congratulations to Serena Lomonico and Tyler Valdes, this year's recipients of the Megan Myers Memorial Scholarship!! Serena will be attending UCLA in the fall and Tyler will be attending Stanford!!


Raoul Blondeel-Timmerman said...

It’s been some time now. Tyler and Ryan Valdes have both graduated from Stanford. As a father you hope you get it right when it comes to raising your kids and teaching them about life. I am so very thankful to the Myer family for helping me teach my boys how to live. I am forever in your debt and will always remember how this family worried more about the wellbeing of the community then of their own loss.
Raoul P. Blondeel-Timmerman (BT)

Myers Family said...

Thank you so much for your nice words, BT. I can't believe that your kids have graduated! Time goes so fast. Your kids are incredible role models for so many..kind hearted, scholars, and great athletes. They are the real deal, which shows they have some pretty great parents. Thanks so much for checking in on Megan's site. Tell your boys hello for me and send them my best. Gail