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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Megan!

It's Megan's birthday on Sunday March 30th!! Megs always looked forward to her birthday parties, just hanging out with friends, having scavenger hunts, etc. There were even a couple of years when Matt's band (with Matt G. & Scott) played at the party!! Loads of fun.

Megan had an assignment in 8th grade to put together a book which was titled All About Megan. I found and read the book after she passed away. It is a treasure. On the front cover she glued the following saying:

TO SEE IN THE WORLD" Mahatma Gandhi

I have thought so much about this saying since I found it in her book. It is a beautiful statement and I am happy that it touched her. All of our lives have changed so much since Megan died. I know that parents hug their kids more, and I know that kids hug their parents more as well. It has opened up alot of dialogue in families and has made them closer. We know what is important in life. We cherish the good times and get through the not-so-good times. Through it all, we miss Megan more than words can ever explain.

Happy Birthday, Meg! We love you!! Mom, Dad, Matt & Madison

Here are some photos from Sunday's get together at Megan's Grove!



Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl! I'm so grateful for this day that you came into this world and made it so much more brighter!

nancy said...

Dearest Myers Family - Jeff, Gail, Matt and Madison,

Indeed, your love and your loss has touched many people very deeply. And Megan was such a radiant soul, she will never be forgotten by so many of us. Our family talked about her and remembered her yesterday, and smiled and cried -- yes, and hugged each other more.

With much love from up here,
Nancy & Dave & Tom & Betsy & Sean