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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Sunflower

In Spring 2007, Megan planted some sunflower seeds in her garden which was at the far corner of our yard near the park. None of the seeds sprouted so we forgot about them. This year, in our new garden which we dedicated to Megan, (and is completely across the yard from Megan's garden) a sprout appeared. At first I thought that it was a weed but I let it stay since it looked pretty hardy and I wanted to see what it would become. After weeks of watching this sprout turn into a large stalk, it dawned on me that it was a sunflower!!! The even crazier part is that once it bloomed, the bright orange/yellow flower was "looking" directly at our special rose garden, and shading some lavendar plants which were from her Aunts and Grandma! I know that the Megs had something to do with that, if for no other reason, than to put a smile on our faces!


Anonymous said...

aaahhhh. i love this story!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail, Can you send me some of those sunflower seeds to plant in my garden.
Bothell, Wa.

Anonymous said...

Yes, absolutely. I will send them to you ASAP so you can take advantage of that "warm" Seattle weather. We have "second generation" sprouts coming up in the yard now. It is kind of fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the seeds Gail.

Hopefully the flowers will be as beautiful as Megan.


Lisa said...

The Fredette's will start a "megan's garden on our hill...let's get it going! In memory of Megan and all the lives you have saved.....