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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The IPod Story

On Monday 9/24/2007, after a long day at school and cross country practice, Megan got in my car, and reminded me that we were going to get her long overdue birthday present, an IPod. She had even marked it on her infamous white board calendar - check out the photo. She already had an IPod Mini, but wanted to upgrade. As she was downloading new music that night, she told me that she wanted to give her old one to Madison for Christmas. I told her that it would be a good idea to hide it, so that Madison wouldn't ask for it when she saw it. On Tuesday 9/25/2007, Megan told me that she had hidden her old IPod. I never thought to ask her where she hid it. Who knew? The next day was Wednesday, 9/26/2007.

I started looking for the IPod in Megs room before Christmas, since I really, really wanted to give it to Madison. It was loaded with great songs that Megan had accumulated and I know that Megan wanted her to have it. I didn't find it. I was sure that she would have just slipped it on a shelf, out of Madison's view. I respectfully went through her things, hoping to find the IPod stashed in a pocket of her hanging clothes, in a box, in a drawer, under her mattress. Anywhere! I ended up telling Madison the story before Christmas, and she was okay with it. Matt, Madison and I have looked, and continue to look for it. To this day, we can't find where Megan hid it. Sometimes, when I get an idea where it might be, I'll search that area and picture Megan just cracking up while watching me!

But don't feel sorry for Madison. She wised up and asked for Megan's NEW IPod. I told her that we have to wait until 9/26/08, then I will give up the search. I have this feeling that Madison is hoping that we don't find the old one now!!!

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Myers Family said...

I went to Megan's Grove today, and I want to thank whoever left the newspaper which has the story about "Megan's Grove". I have to say that the Park Ranger told us in the beginning that we can't have a permanent marker there, so we have pretty much let it be, for now. I know that when I am there, many people walk or bike by and ask me about the Grove, and I have had some great conversations! Someday, maybe, something permanent will "appear" which will mark the area. I still go there all the time, and still feel Megan's spirit in the breeze. Really.