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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thank you to the Dana Hills Cross Country team for naming Megan the Fresh/Soph 2007 "Most Inspirational" athlete !!


Mallory said...

Those pictures are so pretty. I went there yesterday for the first time. All I wanted to do was spend the rest of the day there. Unfortunately I had to go home and eat dinner with family, not that it is bad to eat with the family. Hopefully I can go there more often and see the beautiful grove. Madison, your gold angel that you put on the tree in her grove is so pretty.
Hope to see all of you soon,

Mal #13

MadDog said...

Wahoooo Megan!!!!!! Congrats on getting "Most Inspirational Athlete"!!!! Congratulations Myers family, I know Megan would probably be a little shy at first for the award but she totally deserves it. Hope to see you soon!
Love, Love, Love, Love, and Love times eternity and beyond,
Maddy D'Ornellas