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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear Family & Friends-

Thank you so much for all of your love and support over the past few months. Our hearts are broken, but your amazing outpouring of comfort and friendship is helping us during this incredibly tough time. We miss Megan more than words can describe. The world has lost an incredible daughter, sister, and friend.

The Myers family extends the warmest wishes to you this holiday season.

With love-
Gail, Jeff, Matt & Madison


Danielle said...

Myers family, I have watched your daughters video about three times the full length one. I use to live in Orange County, and still go online to keep updated. I myself have three children two boys, and a girl. I cant imagine your pain. The video of your daughter does her justice. She is very beautiful. My daughter, and myself cant emagine what your going through, and we feel for you, and your two other children. As yourself living in Dana Point we lived in San Clemente, and I know the area well. Next time we visit down south we will come to the park, and see your daughters memorial site. She is looking down on you, and would want you to pick up, and be happy. There are no words for loosing a child, and I cant even fathem the thought. Megan is very pretty, with a great attitude, and great love. You, and your husband did well with her. Be proud she will forever be your daughter even in death. Good luck to you, and we will watch her again on the video. Take Care, and your other two children are lovely as well. Such sadness in there eyes I can see it in the photo shown for today the 12/18. It brakes my heart. She loved you all very deeply, and that love will never change. Keep her close to your heart, and carry Megain with you everyday. Good Luck with the Holidays


Mallory said...

Myers family,
I miss you all so much. I hope to see you over Christmas Break. If I dont Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lots of love

Jackie #9 said...

Hi Myers,
How are you all? i hope you had a great holiday. i love you all! see u guys on friday!

Jackie Otoupalik #9

Jackie #9 said...


this message is for Megan.

Hi Meggers.
I miss you. i cant wait till the day i see you again. everyday i think about you. i have so much pain in my heart, its unbearable. i cry everyday megan. i just wanted to let you know that you are my hero. i miss you on the feild, playing behind me. i miss your beautiful white smile. i miss your laugh. i miss your vibrant freckled face.
i made my high school soccer team. i am a starter. at first i wanted to make the team for myself, but i did it for you, i want to play for you. i also made the track team for which i am going to run for you. i miss you. i told my coach that to not let any one get the #6 on my team cause it is ur #.
well, merry christmas. I miss you alot. I love you.

Jackie #9