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Monday, November 19, 2007

Megan's Grove

Link to Pictures

Megan's Grove is located at Laguna Niguel Regional Park. The date for the Dedication Ceremony will be announced with in a few weeks. Please check back often.

Thank you to our family friend and landscape architect, Bret Carmen, for designing Megan's Grove. It is a beautiful, peaceful setting!!!

Thank you to Valley Crest Landscape Development for donating the labor and materials necessary to make Megan's Grove come to life!!!

For information on Cardiac Screening please visit HeartFelt Cardiac Project Link


Jackie #9 said...

Hello Myers,

Its Jackie from 'Megan's Pride'. I just wanted to tell you guys how special you all are to me. Even though I have not known Megan as long as the other girls, I know i cared for her as much as all of them. Megan was so special to me. Megan always included me in everything, she made sure i was having fun at practice. I remember in games she would play behind me, and she saved me many times! Megan was so fast, she always had a smile on her face.

I miss her so much! Everyday I think about her. I cry all the time, and when ever i go to sleep i have dreams of her every night. I wish i could hear her voice again. i wish i could hear her laugh again, and i wish i could see her glistinig smile again. Megan always had great things to say about you all. I WISH, I mean I WISH SOOOOOOO badly that i could of known her longer. Its like i regret not being able to know her longer. but, i know that i was blessed to be able to know her, and that she was able to have known me. my head is filled with loving memories of her.
Whenever i am having a hard time with something or i want to give up, i tell my self... Megan would want you to do this. OR i will do stuff that i tell myself... that this is for you Megan. Megan is always with me wherever i go.

You all are so strong. I know this is VERY hard, it is so hard for me. I have been having a really hard time, and this only adds to the troubles I have had in my life so far. I think of you all and you give me strentgh to go through out the day. whenever i go to your house i feel at home. it helps fill the huge hole i have in my heart. going to see you guys makes me feel closer to megan.

about a week or two ago i went to the regional park where Megan colapsed, and i lay down a pink rose on the tree where she lay. i sat and i cried and i listned to the soroundings that were around me. what was going through my head was that it is not fair that she had to go. but, i also thought to myself that this is a beautiful place,that this was the right place for Megan to spend the last part of her life on...

I got a heart screening two days ago, and they said that my heart looked pretty good, but they are going to give the record to my docter, so she can look at it. I will let you know if anything is wrong.

I saw the pictures of Megans Grove and it is beautiful, just like Megan.

You remind me so much of your sister. when you gronw up i know you will have the same kind heart like Megan. I love you Madison, and I will always be there for you.

You are SUCH a strong person. Seeing you gives me strentgh. Megan loved you very much. if you ever need to talk i am always here for you. I love you Matt.

Gail and Jeff,
Hold on to Matt and Madison, and never let them go. you both are so strong. you both give me strentgh. i am so lucky to have been able to have known you all, and hopefully i will be able to keep knowing more about you. thank you for opening your home and love to me. I love you both SO SO much! if it is ok with you both, i would like to go over your home and talk to you about Megan, and how i feel. Thank you for everything! I love you! I truly do all of you!

I cant wait till the day that I get to see you again. whenever i am on the feild playing i call your name to see if you are there, but you are there... in my heart. I miss you! I love you SO much Megan. Thank you for everything! I will NEVER forget you. you are my angel! I love you!


I love you all, never EVER forget that!

Jackie #9 Megans pride...

Greg Knowles said...

Gail and family, there are so many things to be thankful for and I know you will have some very emotional moments during the holidays. It really does appear to me that you have some terrific people sourrounding you. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Greg Knowles
(a friend of Gail's from jr. high & high school days)

Nancy Hayden said...

Jeff and Family...I wanted to express my sincere condolences. You have made a beautiful place to be with Megan. You are in my prayers. Nancy Hayden (Linder)

Briana said...

Hello Myers Family,

My name is Briana..
I am Jackie's cousin.
I am really close to Jackie so I understand whats going on and all the hard times she is strugaling with. I feel her pain and this pain is very strong! She always tells me about Megan and what a beautiful girl she was inside and out. I cant wait to meet her..
I went to one of Jackie's soccer games and I could just feel and see the love of the team. It was so beautiful..!! That day after the game, I went with Jackie and the team to your house..All the girls went strait to Madison to give her a build a bear and to play with her. Madison looked so happy and thankful to see them! :)
I went into Megans room and it felt like she was still there.
I know it is very hard and I understand what you all are going through. You will be in my heart and prayers..Megan is a miracle...megan is a savior...
she saved the nice girl who ran with her and helped her out..that is AMAZING! megan she is AMAZING!
u all should be real proud!now u can go back and think about it all...that was my daughter my amazing daughter...

My cousin Jackie(a teamate on PRIDE) hasn't been feeling that well lately..with all this drama and everything! she is really depressed and she regrets the fact that she didnt know her longer..
But she needs to realize that Megan is a miracle..megan is HAPPY right now..and soon we will get to see her..I feel like I have known her my whole life but soon I will get to meet her for the first time.. Megan is a gift that I will share with everyone..and maybe people will realize that this whole thing is beautiful and will learn things from it..so your tears and my tears should be tears of joy because megan is looking back at us saying Mom, Dad, Madison, Matt, Jackie, EVERYBODY i am ALLRIGHT! I am fine.. I am happy! I am with Jesus!!!! I am safe!!!

Thanks Megan.

cant wait to see you

with all my love and prayers
Briana (jackie's REAL CLOSE cousin)

MadDog said...

"Megan's Grove" is such a beautiful place and a peaceful place to talk and be with Megan. I loved Megers so much and this is a great spot for me to come down and talk to her. Just like my dad's song ". . . I plan to vist Megan's Grove summer, winter, spring, and fall,"
Love you Myers family,
Maddy D'Ornellas

MadDog said...
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