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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

5k Memorial Run/Walk

Sunday October 14, 2007
Laguna Niguel Regional Park
The Wildcats Track Club added a 5K “Run for Megan” run/jog/walk. The cost will be $20 per entry and all proceeds will be donated to the Megan Myers Memorial scholarship fund.

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Mallory said...

Hi everyone. Megan's Pride had a great time at Megan's run/walk. I want to thank everyone for coming. It was really nice of all of you to show how much the community cares about Megan.

Leanne said...

I wish I could have been there to run for Megan. Each time I run now I use her for inspiration. She is as the song says..... "beautiful"!

amy rae said...

hey myers..
WOW! yes after seeing where megan had run that day i'm almost 100% sure that was were she was ment to be. on a beautiful course doing what she does best. see the thing is no words can overcome the pain, no matter what my relatives tell me, she is still gone and i feel like no one can help... until i go to the myers. For some reason, wenever i go to your home, i can't stay away? I think about megz every single day, more than several times. Its going to be normal for years to come. gail i can't even express how i felt when i saw you walking up to the soccer feild. i had the biggest smile on my face. then i thought, now shes ready to be here with her girls.

heyy hopefully Dana is going good for you, i only wish you the best! Haha i will never ever forget the doll head! thats not all though cuz wenever i came over, you were never really annoyed with your little sister megz. WOW i really look up to u for that, i luv the fact that i have lots of memories not only of megan and madison but you too!!

hey cutie, just reminding you how much i do really care about you but you already know that. hey kid im always always here so call me whenever- 547-7002

jeff and gail just hold on tight to matt and madison. i think that you guys are handling this in the best way a family can. live the rest of your life how you guys always do. you and i both know that we have a cute baby girl waiting and watching over us.

lots and lots and LOTS of BIG LOVE
amy rae #8 oh ya and the tamillos