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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Memorial Service

Wedensday, October 3rd - 4:00pm
5 Pursuit
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

(949) 367-0079


nilpojsinaj said...

I have to say that I was really saddened by Megan Myers' death. I used to run cross country and track. It is a very tiring sport to run for 1, 2, or 3 miles, especially when you run up to 20 miles for endurance. I believe that an actual EKG should be taken on new runners at the 1, 2, and 3 mile times. It would even be better if blood is taken, and examined. An on site defiberlator would be excellent. May she enter the peace that she deserves. May her family, her dad, mom, brother, sister all have time to heal and to say her name ever so softly, so that her memory will continue with the mention of her name, Megan Myers......

passatdoc said...

Megan was a remarkable young woman, courteous and poised beyond her years, and a member of an outstanding family. It was my privilege to have known her. I will keep Megan and the Myers family in my prayers.

Jim Sperber, San Juan Capistrano, CA

kylnrmn36 said...

I can only remember great things about her. I don't think she had a single flaw. She was an angel. Whenever I would look over at her, she was always enjoying whatever she was doing at the time. She would always shine her beatiful smile that made so many people feel better adn warmer inside. She was a blessing to us all. She will always be an inspiration to every single person, especially the cross country runners of Dana Hills High School. I remember watching her run with the other cross country girls and she loved just being out there. Being out there with the runners is like being with another family that loves and cares for you. I have a feeling that is why she loved it so much. That is why I enjoy the sport. She makes me want to live life with more fun and excitement. She makes me want to run harder now so that I could finish what she could not. And to the Myers family... You will always be in my thoughts, my prayers, and my heart.

"PRIDE"Jackie #9 said...

Even though I did not know Megan for that long, I have always cared and loved her very much. She is a GREAT teamate and a GREAT friend. Megan always had a beautiful big smile! Megan always helped me out and she helped everyone else out as well. Megan NEVER complained about anything, she always played with a passion that no one will forget. When coach Patric called my house and I heard the news I was devasted. I have cried my heart out. "PRIDE" was and still is so proud to have Megan Myers on our team. When ever we play Megan will always be there playing with us. The only good thing that has come out of this tradegy was that "PRIDE" has gotten so close, and we share this very special bond that will never be broken. I love you Megan and I will miss you SO much! You are in my heart always!
~ Jackie Otoupalik #9

Layla said...

I never knew Megan, but i know in my hear she is in a better place and i pray for her every day and for her family!

Layla said...

I never knew Megan, but i know in my hear she is in a better place and i pray for her every day and for her family!

Frank said...

Best wishes to all of you, and may Megan's memory live on!
-- Frank Mogavero DDS MS, Orthodontist, and Staff- Monarch Beach

The Fat Fighter said...

Dear Myers Family-
How deeply touching the service was today. It was very apparent that whoever knew Megan was better and different because of her. That is her legacy I think. Not that her time passed so soon, but that she did, loved, and lived much in her time. Although I did not know her personally, we are just outside your circle. We are a DPYB baseball family and our son Jake went to school with Megan from Malcom onto Dana.

Thanks for sharing her life and your sorrow with us, your community. We cannot do enough to ease your pain. But we can continue to lift you in prayer for continued peace and healing. She will never,ever be far from your lives,hearts and minds. As she seemed to be an angel in her time her on Earth, she is a full-fledged angel now, watching over all of her dear ones until the time you are all reunited with her in heaven.
Warmly and in mutual faith,
Anne Berryhill

OCmom113 said...

I didn't know Megan, but after attending today's beautiful service, (in support of her mother -- a fellow RE agent) I almost feel like I do. I saw Megan's spirit permeate the cloud of grief, joyously illuminating some very sad hearts this afternoon. Her sweet presence will forever remain in the lives of those she loved. She has touched many, and we are all blessed, even those of us who did not know her personally. She was given a message to deliver, it was her destiny, and she suceeded very valiantly. Her message was one of pure gratitude, of the love we share on a daily basis, that so often gets taken for granted as "every day life". Megan's love shines on, and enlightens us now with her memory, to cherish each and every moment we have with each other here on earth. Just as Jesus gave his life for love, Megan's passing does the same. Her beautiful soul, her loving family and friends, as well as the outpouring of support exhibited by the community is nothing short of divine! We may not understand these things we call "tragedies" ... but Megan has given us a wondrous gift, far from tragic! ... A gift of the beauty in faith, that is so very real and tangible to the wise eyes of the soul (even for those that believe they may be "blind"). This glorious gift will continue to enrich many, many lives, well beyond her precious and oh so short 14 years. Megan lives on ... that heaven-sent blessing can never die. In fact, it shines a little brighter today.

Megans mom said...

I read your thoughts and I am grateful for the words and love. They are keeping me strong. Megan was my precious jewel. She was the daughter that I hope that every mother can have. She made great choices in life and was content. She is my baby and it will take some time to realize that I can't tuck her into bed at night. But she is still truly with me, with us, in spirit. Please remember her.

Gail Myers

Momof4 said...

My heart goes out to the Myers family. My prayers are that the Lord will grant you the strength, the peace and the comfort that can only come from Him. Cling to your faith and the hope you have in the Lord that one day you will be with Megan forever. My prayers and thoughts are with your family. You have an amazing daughter who must be walking the streets of gold, blessing all those around her in heaven.

Ali said...

We all loved Megan and we still do till this day. I remember the first time i met her and i was thinking to myself she has got to be the sweetest person i ever met. We are all sad in our hearts, but she will always be in our hearts. She will always be safe in our hearts and we will soon see her again. We will all remember her and have her live on in each and every one of us. God love Megan and god love us.

Kim Gaines said...

Memories of Megan: I was also a person who was blessed enough to have coached Megan Myers in soccer. Both Ayso U10 fall season (The Orange Crushers) and on that same year, in the All Stars. I recall her being the top goal scorer for the Orange Crushers. Everything that was said at the memorial, from what I remembered, rang true to me. Her bright smile to her beautiful face, not to forget her shy personality that was never evident out on the soccer field. I know a lot of us will never forget her. She was shinning star here and now in heaven. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with and Megan and her gracious family.

Dear Gail,
In the last week since hearing about Megan, I kept thinking, this is all a bad dream and we are all going to wake up. I haven’t been able to get your family (or her) off of my mind. I kept feeling an urge to come over and just give you a huge hug and tell you how special Megan was. I’m so glad I was able to do that at the memorial. I knew how close you were to her.
My perception has been in times of mourning that people need their space but in the last week I learned that I was wrong. The support of your friends, family and community is very important. I know I have already told you but I like to instill that my family and I will be here for support. If you need a friend, to go on a walk with, have cup a coffee with, or just talk to. I still have the banner from the Orange Crushers soccer team with your names on it I would like you to have it.

God bless you, and your family.
Kim Gaines

Heather said...

Megan was always that girl on our team who was smiling. You just knew she was always happy. You couldn't be around her and not be happy. Her smile was contageous. I run for Megan now, and I know that my whole team (dana hills cross coutry) runs for her too. I dedicate my season to her, and will not let her down. I will never forget Megan Myers the sweet, content, loving girl, she has changed the way i look at life. And, to the Myers family, thank you for welcoming us into your lives, our thoughts and prayers are with you always. You are an inspiration to all of us.

KG said...

Megan was the first freshman who stood out to me. All of the upper classman paid more attention to her because she had a memorable name to us. She always had a smile on her face and she was really shy and quiet when the older girls were talking but always laughing on the inside. The Dana Hills Cross Country family has dedicated our season to megan and there is no way that we would disappoint. I run for megan, heather runs for megan, kylie runs for megan, everyone runs for megan. we love you girl and were running for you. WE run for megan myers. i miss you girl

rocky said...

Megan, I have known Megan since we were five or six years old. Actually since we were on the Orange Pandas! Haha. I am writing this to give my descripition of Megan Myers. For all of you who did not know her as much as some of us, here is my interpretation. Megan was the kind of friend, teammate, and family member that you could go to for anything. If you were having a bad day, Megan would make it the best day of your life. She did so by not only talking and listening to you, but just smiling at you. She was the kind of person that always took the bright side of things out of a not so bright situation. It's so hard to explain Megan with words because she used so much body language when she saw you. Her smile, her little wave, and being able to congratulate you from a long ways away...without yelling. For those of you who were a teammate with her, especially Pride, you would know that she not only took everything she was doing seriously, but she would always smile after everything she did. We would be ont he soccer field and she would take somone out and come out with the biggest, most heart-felt smile you could ever imagine, thta smile said something different to everyone. She was the kind of girl who would push the team to do their best and she would always make things look easy, which made you more relaxed. She would always have a smile on the field, that or she would be laughing. Megs was a phenomenal person. There are no words to describe how I feel and felt when I was playing with her. But she didn't just touch us when we were playing a sport with her, she would touch some of us at school too. Unfortunately I had no classes with her but I would see her during passing periods and her smile was so astounding, even from far away, it was like her mouth was waiting to say hello to you. My memories with Megan will be with me forever. Megan was also that reserved type. She was at my party and we posed for a picture and she just stood and smiled, it shows that she wasn't the flashy person, yet she was content with the way she was living her life. I love Megan and always will. I hope she sees how many people love her. It's amazing that she was that inspiring to so many people. Just being with Megan was a pleasure. She would always make you laugh, but she would laugh at your jokes too. She would laugh with the laugh that would make everyone around her smile. Whenever you went over to her house she had something to do, whether it was to go down to the park and play soccer or playing a game down in her living room (don't forget toilet papering!)She was just that person that everyone wants in their life. Take pride in the fact that you got to know her. She will always be with us and she left something in all of us as a departing gift, so never forget her. All my love to Gail, Jeff, Matt, and Madison.
You are one lucky sister. I love seeing you and your bright smile too. I want to make sure that you know that you are loved too. You look a lot like your sister and you are so strong, never forget that you are one of the most special people ever. I'm sure you and Megan shared a special bond that no one else has shared, you always will. She loves you. We all love you. And would you mind if the Pride girls came and watched you when your parents need someone to watch you? I love you Madison.
Forever the Myers will be in my hearts, and Megan will always be in my thoughts.
I love you guys. -Raquel McNeff (Rocky)