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Saturday, September 29, 2007

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Julie said...

The Memorial Service was lovely. Although I only had the pleasure of meeting Megan, and unfortunately did not know her well, after the service I felt much closer to her and the family. It was wonderful to see the love and happiness in her face through the video and pictures. It is evident that she lived a very joyful life. My love goes out to the family, Coach Julie Dunn

colin said...

To Madison,
You had an amazing sister just like you,
meggy loved you very much, she was very proud of you, you looked nice in your blue dress tonight at the memorial service.Are heart and and prayrs are with you and your family tonight and always.You are special in my heart.Hope to see you soon

amy said...

myers family-
the loss of our megan was a tragic one. not only did pride lose a great skilled teamate, we lost our best freind. actually, we didn't lose megz because shes always around... our angel. Most of PRIDE have known megan since we were about six years old. the thing is i was so appreciated to have a best freind like megz, and to know u guys. I think u already know this but madison,matt,jeff, and gail, u are my family. I love you guys so much and im ALWAYS here and you know that!!!

amy rae aka fuzzy butt aka P.P sizzla (ping-pong!!)

Mallory said...

Myers family-
I love each of you so much. Megan is all of our angels. I am so glad that we named our team Megan's Pride because now it is truly hers. I know that she loved cross country and soccer. She has touched everyone's heart that she met and she will never leave. I love you all!
Mal aka Animal