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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010

Thank you to the Dana Hills Cross Country team for the plaque which now marks Megan's Grove. Megan loved the Cross Country family and was so happy to be part of the team.

Megan would be 17 years old today. Selfishly, I wish that I had a chance to see what she would have been like at 17 years old. I wish she had the chance to experience 17 years of life. At least. Kids shouldn't die so young. Kids shouldn't die before their parents. It's not the way it is supposed to work.

Thank you to Micaela C. who started the "Wear Blue on March 30th" event on Facebook to honor Megan. She would love that. I hope that everyone has a bright blue day today!!


Cornell Family said...

Happy Birthday Megan, your always in our thoughts,love the Cornells

Anonymous said...

We're thinking of all of you today. Losing people we love never feels right, does it? I wish we were close enough to stop by and give -- and get -- some hugs. But I'll settle for this note. We do care, and we haven't forgotten Megan at all. (And I'm wearing a bright blue dress today!)

love, Nancy (and Dave, too)

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you and your family today. As a mother myself I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. On this special day that Megan was brought into this world, I pray that you are able to remember her with loving and fun memories, and hold on to the hope that one day you will be celebrating with her again! May God grant you the peace that can only come from Him.

Anonymous said...

We just love that girl (and Madison and Matt)!
Jocelyn, Steve, Reese and Ryder