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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a great holiday!! We just got back to Dana Point from a long overdue vacation to Maui!! This is a photo taken in front of my dad's condo in Makena. He has a beautiful place which overlooks Molokini and we sat on his lanai and just watched the whales swim by. It was pretty spectacular. We were there over New Years and ended up taking our annual New Years photo on the beach, instead of what we thought would be our new tradition of taking the photo at Megans Grove.
The weather was warm and mostly sunny! This was our first big vacation taken together without the Megster. I took Megan alone to Hawaii in 2003 and we had a blast together. It was like girls week out! I am so happy that I did that and she loved it!!!
So now we are back to reality, which seems a little harder to get into this time around. I didn't dive into doing the laundry, and going to the store like I would have in the past!!! But I am happy that the holidays are over (I know, I sound like Scrouge), the days are getting longer and that it was 80+ degrees in Dana Point today!!!


Tami said...

We've been thinking about you while you were on your trip. The picture in Hawaii is fantastic! Hope you had a peaceful New Year! Thank you for keeping the Blog updated. Love to you all!! Tami

Dad said...

Your visit with me at Makena was the frosting on the cake, Gail. I just loved the way the kids taught me the significance of the word "awsome"! I thank you and your great family for sharing this place with me. It was one more of life's many great adventures. Loads of love, Dad

the organic kitchen said...

Wow! Great pic of the family and Gail you are my hero posing in a bikini! We leave for Kauai this Friday.

~ Linda