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Monday, November 24, 2008

I love this photo!! You might have seen it before on this site, but I wanted to post it again. I guess I just like to look at it, because it reminds me of the happy times that Megs and friends had. These girls and their families are still a big part of our lives and always will be. We ended up having to give a copy of this photo to the news people who were at our door after Megan passed away. Somehow they got Megan's 7th or 8th grade photo, and she would not have been happy to have that one published in the paper or on the news!!

The 6 weeks since the Run for Megan went by in a flash. I can't believe that this is Thanksgiving week already!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Gail


Anonymous said...

As a parent of one of the girls in this picture, I wanted to say that not a day goes by that my daughter does not talk to Megan. Megan made my daughter a better person through her love and freindship. Our family will forever be connected to the Meyers family in a very special way. Megan is one of the nicest young ladies I have ever met and we continue to miss her everyday. As a family of faith we know that Megan is watching over us and making sure we all stay connected as only she could. Peace be with the Meyers family always.

Anonymous said...

Although it is past thanksgiving, I am so thankful to have had the friendship with Megan that I did. I met Megan at Niguel in eighth grade in Ms. Carman's class, as well as ate lunch with her at the end of the year with Haley and Karen. I was new to Niguel, and I still remember Megan's bright and welcoming smile that made me feel comfortable, instead of the "new kid". Unfortunately I had a schedule change a few weeks into the year and I remember her joking about how I was leaving her alone in that class. However we still talked at lunch and walked to our fifth period together with Yuka. I remember memories such as her joking that her purse was fake, telling of a time Matt put a pretend (cardboard I think it was) cat in the road, when we wore similar outfits on the same day once, and how we had fun at the eighties dance. I also remember I was going to go to disneyland with she, Haley, and Karen, but was unable to. I regret not going, as I regret not spending more time with her the summer before our freshman year, like we promised eachother in our yearbooks. Once at Dana we seldom saw eachother only because we ate lunch with different groups, and took different routes to get to our classes. However I still remember on the day that she passed away, I had to go a different way to my locker, and passed Megan in the hall, as she was proudly wearing her striped cross-country shirt. She flashed a smile at me, we said a quick hello, and went our seperate ways. That was the last time I saw her, but I certainly have not forgotten her. Not a day goes by where I don't think about the fun times we had at Niguel, or her awesome personality. She truly is my inspiration,and I am trying to live my life to its fullest, because I know when it is my time, I want to leave behind something so great, just like Megan did. I know Megan is safe with God in heaven, but I feel her here as well. I am truly sorry for your loss and really wish she were still here. It cannot be easy to push on, but your encouraging words as well as this lovely website have helped me, as well as others and I'm sure Megan is proud of everything from her grove, to this lovely dedication. Similar to what you said, I would rather have had the short time with her that I did, than none of it at all. Megan continues to be greatly missed, but she will forever be remembered, as well as be our inspiration. <3

Love, Katherine Clark

amy rae said...

i love looking back at our first grade photos and the veryy FIRST years of our teams, hahaha and Jeff coaching my very first soccer team.. he can take all the credit for getting me started in soccer!!! I miss you guys tons!!

Skylar said...

I miss megan myers i wish you a lot of love